Naomi Neuts

Naomi Neuts is a crossover soprano vocalist residing in the
Northwest United States who performs her own self-produced
music within the Adult Contemporary and New Age Vocalist
genres, blending atmospheric orchestrations with chilling and
ethereal vocal qualities to produce emotionally stirring pieces.
Her vocal style, while unique, is similarly thought of by reviewers
and fans alongside the likes of Kate Bush, Sarah Brightman,
and Loreena McKennitt.

Both single releases in 2013, Mosaic and Voice Prints, were
successful in placing her among her top performing peers and
attracting the attention of both music producers and reviewers
alike, gaining her an international audience and modest
following from all parts of the world. FilmAid International
selected her single, Mosaic, as a soundtrack piece for a
humanitarian short-film in August 2013. Her music has been
accepted for mainstream radio airplay from stations around the
world, to include FM stations in Greece, Canada, the United
States, and the United Kingdom, as well as Sky.FM and
Last.FM radio online. Naomi has over 18,000 fans worldwide
that have discovered her music since mid-2013, among
thousands that have become regular listeners on Jango radio.
She is ranked within the top 50 performing independent artists
in the United States by ReverbNation. Naomi is also
sustaining the top 100 spot globally, as well as the top 10 spot
in the Northwest region within her genre.


Mosaic - Single

Instrumental / Release date: 2013

Naomi provides a haunting acknowledgement that we, as human beings, undergo experiences that can break us as a result of what we attract by our own thoughts and emotions. When we choose to pick up the pieces and put ourselves back together, we are like the mosaic, something beautiful.

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Voice Prints - Single

Singer Songwriter / Release date: 2013

This song conveys the emotional impact of “voice prints,” a phenomenon that occurs when one can “feel” deceived after walking into a room where others were talking negatively about them just moments ago, yet those who do this act like nothing has occurred. This song touches on that deception.

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Location: Troutdale, Oregon


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Time & Faces Album

Naomi is currently working on an album to be released in early 2014, entitled Time & Faces. This album will be comprised of 4 to 6 tracks and will define Naomi's work within her self-carved genre. The album will be available in all major music stores worldwide.

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